What is decadance?

Decadance is a social dance performance group founded at Stanford University that strives to make traditional couple-dancing less...traditional. Our purpose is to be interesting and inspirational for all types of audiences, and to make our audiences want to dance as much as we love to.

Collectively, our dance experience includes historical dance, competitive ballroom dancing, ballet, modern, hip-hop, folk forms and more, and our other performance experiences range from martial arts to musical theater to synchronized swimming. Our varied backgrounds help us to innovate, hybridize, and expand the boundaries of "social" dance. Together, we come up with some unexpected combinations of dance styles and music genres (see our dances), creating a whole lot of fun for dancers and viewers alike!

We perform and teach in the San Francisco Bay Area (see our calendar of performances), demonstrating that dances such as waltz, swing, hustle, tango, cha-cha, etc. can be enjoyed anytime, anywhere, to any music, and in any combination.

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