Browse some video stills from our 2004 Spring Show

I'm a Believer will make you believe in us: lindy hop + irish keli + turkey trot + balboa + zany freezes + high-flying lifts & leaps = a whole lotta fun! Watch us perform it! (uses quicktime)

Alternative rock polka flies along in Cannonball, but who is real and who is hallucinating?

Why does she always pick the guy who's bad for her? The nice guys of decadance get to show the girls what they're missing in Bathwater, a sexy swango (swing + tango).

Anytime is Peanut Butter Jelly Time! Inspired by this flash movie, we get mad 80s style with your favorite old-skool moves: the Roger Rabbit, the Shopping Cart, the Sprinkler, and so much more...

We can hop and bop in true fifties style to Rockin' Robin, but nothing gets us going more than an audience clapping to the music during this lively lindy hop.
Choreography by Jamie Shamsheldin and Ivan O. Parra

Electronica-influenced world-music bagpiping is not something you would usually think of couple dancing to, but decadance turns the Busindre Reel's shifting melody into elegant, flowing formations with a combination of polka steps and czech folkdance figures.

When the decadance men get together to show off their Michael Jackson moves and sexy style, you'll feel like you've been hit by a Smooth Criminal.

Then the ladies come back with a steaming eyeful of Lady Marmalade, and the guys end up sprawled on the floor. The mix of hip-hop and cha cha is just too hot to handle!

Slow it down a little for Stoney Street, a cool, sleek mix of hip hop, fox trot, and swing that dares you to take a breath and just chill.

The steps we dance to Release It are technically Night-Club Two-Step, but you'd never guess it from the tango styling, the formations reminiscent of 18th century set dances, and the ethereal feel created by the combination of African rhythms and celtic instruments utilized by themusicians of Afro-Celt Sound System.

Decadance has a story to tell with It is You --a waltz of discovery and love and promises for the future, described between a lyrical opening and a finale filled with grand lifts and swirling spins.

But really, when it comes down to it, I'm too Sexy for this webpage...

When the decadancers just feel like partying, they put on a little Cuban hip-hop, and get their groove on A Lo Cubano.

From a quietly dramatic tango to all-out aerials and heart-pounding folkdance formations, Rusty Nails gives dancers and audience members alike a workout.

Hangin' by a Moment tells a story of love lost & found. We illustrate it in a smooth blend of cross-step fox trot and lindy hop.

The soundtrack to Last of the Mohicans has a haunting, lyrical feeling which decadance visualizes as strands of snaking mazurka steps and bold contra dance figures.

Mambo Italiano is higher energy than a mambo and almost as flirtatious as an Italian! This fun, lighthearted dance is all about the guys and the girls having fun together. Sneak a peek as they prepare for the big dance!

Have a generous helping of 1930s "Savoy Style" lindy hop, as danced in San Francisco night clubs in the 1990s, performed to the sultry song Fever from the 1950s.

The ladies take the stage with hip hop stylin' moves - knee spins, formation marching and more - to Janet Jackson's powerful Rhythm Nation.

Decadance brings alive the contagiously lilting melody of Trip to Skye in a waltz involving complex lead and partner switching. Watch carefully and see if you can keep track of who is dancing with whom, and who is leading!
Choreography by Ryan Knotts, modified by Kristin

Sexy and slinky, a hint of Argentina and a touch of a 40's nightclub, a dash of jazz and a sprinkle of salsa give you Hernando's Hideaway the decadance way.

Groove is in the Heart, not just the feet. Proof is in the dance. Our feet may say cha-cha and hustle, but our hearts say "Do ya feel it?" "Awww JEAH!"

Look out! Take all the bursting big band boister of Benny Goodman's Sing Sing Sing, throw in a flash of Fosse style, and you've got one of decadance's favorite pieces from our first year.

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